2021 CSA Signups are OPEN!

The hillsides are glowing a hidden spring green, still winter bare at first glance but ready at any moment to pop. The spring garden greens love this weather as much as the ramps and morels that are flourishing in the waking woods, and the upcoming cold snap will only improve their flavor. The fields are prepped, seedlings are growing green and sprightly, and the earth is ready for us to dine on the crisp, green newness of spring. CSA season is on its way!  

This year, we welcome back Nancy Romans, our expert heirloom grower who specializes in spring foods and delicious tomatoes. It’s great to see her back after a couple years off! We also continue with Sue Keyes, who abundantly provides our summer staples, Nathan Romans, who grows special crops like onions and sweet potatoes, Sara Long, who contributes herbs and heirlooms, and Sean Cox and Ann Craig, who will provide some of our spring greens and summer fare. As always, our growers are committed to sustainable farming practices, taking care of our river valley so it can take care of us. We expect a fantastic variety this year! 

CSA is a fantastic way to support your whole community – its land, its waterways, its farmers, and your neighbors. CSA members and growers are foundational supporters of our local food system, allowing small farmers to invest in their farms with confidence. The more confidence our local growers have to invest in earth-friendly, flavor-focused farming, the more confidence new growers will have to get in on the action. And the more new growers we have growing nearby, the more delicious food we’ll all have to eat. The table is really what it comes down to – for all the benefits of CSA, the bottom line is, it’s the tastiest, freshest way to eat!

If you’re interested in enjoying produce that’s about as field-fresh as it gets, take some time exploring the About page on our website. CSA is an investment, so it’s important to make sure it’s a good fit. Once you’ve decided CSA is for you, head over to the Sign Up Here page and reserve your spot!