So long, 2019 season. Thank you, CSA members!

I don’t want to write this post, because writing it means there’s a long winter of grocery store vegetables ahead.  We have a dream of having a winter CSA one day, but until then, it’s time to say goodbye to the CSA season and let the fields rest. 

We’re so continually grateful for your support of our local growers.  This is by far one of the most concrete, impactful ways you can support local agriculture, and it makes a difference.  Over the years, your investment has allowed growers who weren’t organic 10 years ago to make the switch to sustainable growing practices.  It’s a risk to change your farming methods, but the risk is mitigated when there is a cohort of investors (you!) standing in firm support.  You’ve enabled teeny tiny farmlets to grow row by row each year.  You’ve enabled our more established growers to shave off an extra trip to Cincinnati, keeping more of their food (and food miles) close to home.  With the wild weather we’ve had over the last few years (sopping springs, unpredictible autumns), your investment means even more.  Nature may be fickle, but our CSA members aren’t, and our growers know it!  Thank you so much for your continued support.  We hope to see you next spring!

[If you’d like to prolong your local food season, there is still a decent amount of produce at the farm market.  Head to the Broadway fountain on Saturday mornings for what’s left of Madison’s autumn goodness!]