2019 CSA signups are open!

It’s officially springtime!  Pea shoots are sending up their delicate tendrils, the little kale seedlings aren’t so little anymore, and the apple trees are coming into bloom.  All of this tender, beautiful growth will be gracing colorful dinner plates starting in mid-May, and now is the time to get in on it.

Our CSA is a small collection of local growers who provide members with 100% fresh, local, producer-only fare.  Every delicious morsel of our produce comes from sustainability-focused farms that we know and trust – Nathan Romans of Vevay, Sue Keyes and Mike Swango of New Marion, Rykers Ridge Blueberry Farm in Madison, and Long Acres in Deputy.  We plan this year to supplement our shares with produce from Long Run Farm near Vevay when available.  While none of our small farms are certified organic (a complicated and cost-prohibitive process for farms of such a small scale), all of them are committed to avoiding the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.  The only exceptions are some of the corn, which uses some conventional fertilizer, and the occasional treat of apples or peaches from Salatin’s Orchard (when we don’t get sustainably-raised peaches from Nathan’s trees).

One of the best things about being part of a multi-grower CSA is the opportunity to support new growers.  While our core growers have been at this work for decades and sometimes generations, we also are able to work with new growers who may farm as little as a half acre and are still investing in new tools and experimenting with best practices.  The support of a dedicated customer base of CSA members enables new growers to invest with confidence.  And even our more experienced growers appreciate our core customer base as a guaranteed source of income while they experiment with new sustainability practices.  By becoming a member of our CSA, you are helping to build a community of farmers young and old who can connect us all to our beautiful river valley through fresh, delicious food.  

Take some time to explore the about page to see if CSA is right for you. And then click on the sign up here tab to secure your 2019 subscription! We hope to see you when the bounty is ready in mid-May!